Kyoto to Nagano


  • Fuji and Fuji Lakes
  • Snow Mountains, Snow Field

No Shinkansen. Visit other places along the way.
New Year 2020, my last trip before COVID-19 outbreak.





Part1: Aichi, Nagoya, Nagoya Castle, Toyota Museum, Nabana no Sato
Part2: Shizuoka, Miho no Matsubara
Part3: Shizuoka, Kunozan Toshogu
Part4: Shizuoka, Fujinomiya & Shiraito Falls
Part5: Yamanashi, Fuji Lakes, Lake Kawaguchiko & Aokigahara (The Suicide Forest)
Part6: Yamanashi, Fuji Lakes, Lake Kawaguchiko & Aokigahara (The Suicide Forest)
Part7: Yamanashi, Fuji Lakes, Lake Saiko & Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway
Part8: Nagano, A tough route to Togakushi Shrine in winter
Part9: Nagano, Ski Resorts (Hakuba 47 & Goryu, Togakushi Ski Resort)
Part10: Nagano, Jigokudani Monkey Park
Part11: Nagano, Hokusai Museum (Ukiyo-e Artworks)

Point 4: Nagano

Skiing in the Nagano Prefecture

Nagano has 9 of the 12 tallest mountains in Japan. This prefecture is well-known for places for snow sports. It hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics, and now, even the Freeride World Tour makes a stop here.

Hakuba (白馬)

Hakuba is a village in the Japanese Alps, just outside the city of Nagano, which was host of the 1998 Winter Olympics. A winter sports hub, Hakuba encompasses mountain resorts with terrain for skiing, snowboarding and hiking. The Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium, built for the 1998 games, is at the base of the Happo-one resort. Hakuba village offers a lively après-ski scene and hot springs. ― Google

Hakuba (白馬) : White Horse

My Comment
Hakuba ranked top in many ranking list. There were many areas for players with different levels. Facilities were nice, so I think it would help beginners to get start well. Nevertheless, it’s quite an expensive choice.

I chose here to start playing ski (self-learning, no money to take course).

View from a Bus to Hakuba

Beginner Area (original-edited)

Ticket includes unlimited used of ropeways

Hakuba Ski Area

Fist time seeing snowstorm, vision was reduced to a few meters. I learned the importance of checking weather to play snow sports (not just rainy days, it is also important to check wind and other factors).

Togakushi Ski Resort (戸隠スキー場)

Like many other Japanese ski resorts, Togakushi is not large with only 7 chair lifts (2 quads, 5 doubles), 19 courses, and 58 hectares of piste across 550 metres of vertical (1,200 – 1,750 metres) which can’t be skied in one continuous hit.

more info:

Togakushi-mura (戸隠村) : Hidden Household Village

My Comment
This Ski report was cheaper than other place. This place is near Togakushi Shrine. I decided to start learning snowboard there, and this might be a mistake; snowboard is not easy and with limited routes and facilities there, I end up practicing on some small slopes, few use of ropeway (I don’t really need to buy a ticket to do so). This might be a good place if you have adequate skill, or want to practice ski.

View from a Bus to Togakushi

Passing Chusha

Good weather in the first half of the day

Ticket includes unlimited used of ropeway

View from the bottom part (base)

Snowboarding in Togakushi Ski Report

Weather became worst. There was a strong snow storm.

Food there

Susobanakyo Hot Spring Uroikan (裾花峡天然温泉宿 うるおい館)

One good onsen near Nagano Station. Good place to relax and relieve pains from countless falls from learning snowboarding.

Fast steak near Nagano Station

There was a fast steak restaurant near the station (similar to Pepper Lunch, but it’s not). It’s cheap but tasted good. There were English menus.

Snowy night


Just an IT guy who likes travel to get inspiration and get brain refreshed

First Ski Day: I played Sket before so it’s easy to get start by myself

First Snowboard Day: it’s really difficult. I fell a lot and decided to practice on a small slope instead of a route.

My Suggestions for Beginners

  • First, don’t wear clothes like this; I didn’t prepare well so I used them. You should use waterproof coat/jacket.
    It’s ok to use normal sweather if there is no snow storm and you don’t fall, else your clothes will get wet (My pant is fully wet on the day playing snowboard).
  • A kind of pilot hats is not good, it doesn’t stick to head enough, it may slip when you move (very dangerous). I have to buy new hat as you can see.
  • Hat and goggle/sunglasses are important. You can’t play snow sports without goggle/sunglasses when the weather is windy or not so good–the wind would hit your eyes. You need a hat so your hair will not get wet from snow.
  • Getting start with Ski may not be difficult if you plat skate before. Getting start with snowboard is difficult. And falling from snow sports can cause muscle pain. So if you have a trip of couple days. You should travel for sightseeing in some difficult place (those need a lot of walking, or like visiting Togakushi Shrine) before playing them.