Chion-in (知恩院)

Chion-in in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan is the headquarters of the Jōdo-shū founded by Hōnen, who proclaimed that sentient beings are reborn in Amida Buddha’s Western Paradise by reciting the nembutsu, Amida Buddha’s name. Wikipedia

To me, this is one of two best places for light up of any season in Kyoto (another best is Toji Temple). Sometime, there is a music performance by monks, which is really nice. It is really big inside. Here, you can use tripod. Many good spots to take photos, or just just sit and enjoy beautiful light up.

One-day Trip for Sakura

Recommended route for visiting best sakura spots in Kyoto in a day (by walk)

  • The Philosopher’s Path
  • Eikan-do Temple (optional, this is a place for Momiji)
  • Nanzen-ji Temple
  • Keage Incline (most famous place for sakura)
  • Maruyama Park (for food, dinner)
  • Chion-in Temple (light up, one best place)
  • Kodaiji Temple
  • Kiyomizu

Between Keage Incline and Chion-in

There are Aokusu no Niwa (粟田口あおくすの庭) and Shorenin Temple (Shōren-in Monzeki (Shorenin Temple | 青蓮院門跡), which has light up in some season. Shorenin  is a nice place, but recently it does not open for light up due to Covid. Aokusu no Niwa is a small garden; it hadlight up in some summer and winter.

Chion-in – March 29, 2021

Statue at the middle of the pond (Guanyin/Kannon?)

Light Art


Almost Full Bloom


A must visit place in every season. As always, everything was nice and almost perfect.
Just except one thing, I usually see traffic cones and colorful path blocks, which slightly reduce the beautifulness of the location (can’t be helped I think).
Nevertheless, most spots are in this temple are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.



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