Settsukyo Gorge, Takatsuki, Osaka

Settsu-kyo is a scenic area in the Osaka/Hokusetsu region, with a gorge where you can experience the full splendor of nature. It is located in the upper-mid section of the basin of the Akutagawa river which crosses the center of Takatsuki city from north to south. The park consists entirely of mountains and forests, and covers an expanse of 42.65 hectares. (

Thought it’s in Osaka, it’s one station from Kyoto by JR Special Rapid.

“A good place to get away from people”


Around the entrance of Valley Path

Take a bus from Takatsuki station and get off here. Go to the opposite direction of this photo.

Walk along the river. Go to the left. Don’t cross the bridge. You will cross the bridge when you go back. On the way back, cross the bridge, pass a bathtub, turn left, there will be a bus stop.

Go up this stair (opposite direction). Pass the park.

Night view of the city from the park. The bathtub is at the mddle. You will pass it on the way back.

The entrance

Short-Long Exposure

A good place for long exposure photograph. Image belows are from testing ND1000 and ND2-32 filters on a mobile phone camera (Samsung S20 Ultra, uneditted).


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Settsukyo Gorge, Takatsuki, Osaka -- A good place to get away from...

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